Real Fantasy is a magazine about interpersonal connections formed in virtual worlds. We are asking for story submissions from people who have played, or currently play, a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game. The only requirement is that the story is about a strong memory you made in-game and carry with you today.  

The magazine will be comprised of three categorized sections: Identity Tourism, Synthetic Economy, and Persistent World. We are looking to showcase the lasting impact these in-game experiences have on individual lives, while demonstrating how oneself and their avatar synchronously exist.

This project first launched one year ago, but was delayed due to COVID-19. Now, we’re hopeful that with enough social distancing, we’ll have the time and space to finish it while capturing new virtual memories.


Real Fantasy is looking for stories about memories from MMOs of all genres. Examples include meeting a loved one
, leading a raid
, getting banned
, and experiencing the final day of game service
. All stories, whether they are light-hearted or deeply emotional, are welcome. Stories should be told in first person. Do not worry about explaining the game itself. Limited to one (1) story per person. GLHF.

1Final Fantasy XIV 2World of Warcraft 3Runescape 4Club Penguin. Contributors retain all rights to their work and are free to distribute their contributions elsewhere. Due to the intentional lack of creative constraints, we cannot guarantee every story will be included. Number and length of submissions will determine the design, production, and price. All contributors will receive a free copy of the magazine. We plan on launching in 2021. Any questions can be emailed to

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